Thursday, May 9, 2013

[Festival] Daegu colorful lantern festival!!

  The city of Daegu is tinted by lanterns with a variety of beautiful colors.
'Daegu colorful lantern festival' is just started from today and it goes until this Saturday.

To celebrate Buddha's birthday, large celebrations with parades, festivals, and concerts will take took place all across Duryu park.

   Soyeon concert   

Time: May 9th, 07:00 pm
Place: Daegu Duryu baseball park special stage

   Performance for celebration    

Time: May 10th, 07:00 pm
Place: Daegu Duryu baseball park special stage
Program: Opening 07:00~07:15
Fusion Korean classical music 07:15~07:35
Action artcul 07:35~07:55
Korean classical music band: 07:55~08:15
Mini concert by Kim Taegon 20:15~20:35

Also visitors can enjoy many events such as watching animation, hanging wish lantern, walking along the park while savoring the lanterns during 3 days.

The last day of festival, there will be an amazing parade by thousand of people with lanterns at the street.
Check out the route of parade so that you don't miss splendid spectacle!!

    Parade with lanterns   

Time: May 11th, 08:00~11:00
Parade route:
Duryu baseball park-> Duryu intersection-> Bangogae intersection-> Sinnam intersection-> Gyesan intersection-> Banwoldang intersection


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