Monday, May 20, 2013

[Culture] How to enjoy the University campus festival in Korea

The university campus festival in Korea is all about youth. 

Most of the campus festivals, running from as short as only one day to 3 days, are definitely the highlight of university life. When students might get exhasted after finishing mid-term exam, amazing festival finally lifts up the curtain. The quiet place with studying turns into the big space for festival.

You need to know only 3 things when it comes to campus festival. Alcohol, music and go crazy. When you get into the campus at first, you will get to see so many tents are everywhere. Each major department decorates their tents with different colored sign and ornament and sell foods and drink by themselves. They actually make all of foods during the festival. All you have to do is just choose one place, and enjoy the food, alcohol, game, karaoke whatever they offer.

Now it's time to enjoy the music if you feel tipsy with a good mood. As you know, it's really hard to see musician' performace in person. But in the campus festival, real musicians will visit you and perform fantastic concert! Everyone knows that this is not a common chance to watch a great show so not only university students but also residents near the campus and foreigner come to the campus.

At a word, campus festival is for everyone!

What makes a difference about the campus festival? The answer is the huge heat from twenties. If you want to know what exactly campus festival is in Korea, then search any video in Youtube with 2 key words, PSY and university.

A special Korean experience at the campus with a can of beer or Makgulli, fun music and crazy people. I can tell you shouldn't miss this chance!

   Schedule and cast in each university 


- Daegu university 
  • May 22th : Leessang 
  • Take the Green line subway heading to Munyang and get off at Keimyung Univ.

- Daegu university 
  • May 21th: DICKPUNKS 
  • May 22th : Girl's Day 
  • May 23th : Noel
  • Subway : Get off at Ansim station and transfer to bus 508, 708, 808, 814
    Bus number
    : 508, 708, 808, 814 


- Yeungnam university 
  • May 22th : Leessang, Nobrain, Lazybone
  • May 23th : Epik High, Kingston Rudieska
  • May 24th : VerbalJint, DJ.DOC
  • Take the Green line subway heading to Yeungnam Univ. and get off at Yeungnam Univ.

- Kyungpook national university  
  • May 22th: Rainbow
  • May 23th : DJ.DOC
  • May 24th : Lazybone
  • Bus number: 410, 410-1, 503, 937, Dong-gu2, Buk-gu2 

- Catholic university of Daegu 
  • Date: May 29th~31th: Dynamic Duo
  • Bus number: 808,814,808,55,508,518,555,708,840

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