Friday, May 24, 2013

Korean actor Song Joong ki in Daegu!!

One of the most talented stars in Korea, 
Song Joong-ki visited here Daegu to explore lots of amazing attractions by himself.

Daegu, the city with long history having inherited the culture of Silla and Gaya as well as blossoming out righteous Confucian culture in Gyeonsang Province.

Daegu is the city that is available for various cultural experiences in which traditional culture and lots of cultural relics are preserved.

Dynamic street with full of young spirit Dongseongro

Dongseongro is the busiest shopping street in Daegu, full of the lively spirit of youth throughout the year. On the street, there are luxurious department stores, shopping malls and many brand name shops for garments and sporting goods. A variety of cultural spaces, bookstores, movie theaters and peformance halls are lined up along the street.

   Fashion Jewelry District
This is a large Jewelry complex for the showing and sale of precious jewers including high class hand made artifacts in a variety of materials and designs.

   Yasi Alley
This Alley is called Yasi Golmok. Yasi means 'fox-like' in the local dialect of Korean, whereas Golmok means 'alley'. The alley is aptly named, since it is a favorite shopping spot for 'foxy young girls'.

   Bongsan Cultural
This is a culture and arts street similar to Insadong  Street in Seoul. The exhibitions of works by Daegu's representing artists are displayed throught the year.

Song Joong-ki explained Daegu as a Sibuya in Japan to his friend Fujii Mina who is an actress working in both countries.

His unexpected appearance made big surprise to all people in Daegu. As you know he has open mind, he tried to communicate with crowd that gathered at the street to see him.

" Could you recommend nice place to visit?" Song Joong-ki asked 
"Herbhillz!", "E-World!",  "Yasi street!" Daegu people answered enthusiastically.

He also stopped by one jewelry shop with Fujii Mina to buy some cute things for her. Both of them enjoyed time together by looking around the shops.

Daegu is filled with attractions to see, amusement to enjoy and food to taste!
Song Joong-ki's trip in Daegu has just started now. It will be continued on next...

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