Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[Living] 2013 Daegu Tea Expo

The 8th Daegu International Tea Expo
Title:  The World of Black tea and Tea food


Date: May 23th~26th(4 days)
Location: Exco 1st floor 2nd hall
Time: 10:00~18:00(Entrance is until 17:00)
Entrance fee: 1 day ticket 3,000won, 4 days ticket 5,000won

    What to see at the Exop 
  • Tea Industry Hall
Green tea, White tea, Yellow tea, Blue tea, Black tea, Traditional tea, Tea beverage
Tea product: Tea pot, Korean plate, Tea cup, Tea table etc.
  • Craft Industry Hall
Craft product: Pottery, Earthen pot, Natural dyeing, Wood craft, Metal craft, Hanji(traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees), Glass craft etc.

  • Cultural Hall
Folk painting, Calligraphy, Music and painting for tea culture
Food: Dduk, Korean traditional sweets and cookies, Sweet jelly of red beans, Chocolate
Clothing: Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes), Reformed Hanbok
Shelter: Tea room interior, Furniture, Tea table, Table light, Incense
  • International Hall
International companies from China, Japan, Taiwan, UK, India, Sri Lanka etc.


Tel: 053-768-2516
Official website:

        How to get to the Exco 

map from EXCO homepage

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