Friday, May 24, 2013

[Press Article] Henry’s Garden: City Farming

Located in Manchon-dong, Henrys Garden is an inner city farming project that aims to encourage awareness of healthy local food, the environment, and ecological education. 

Henrys Garden was founded three years ago, however has only recently become a sustainable project. Owned by Kim Sung-hoon (Henry), and run purely by the work of volunteers, the project is sure to become a thriving site, in which citizens of Daegu can visit to help promote local, sustainable produce. While we were there, we met Kang Young-soo, who showed us around the project, and Seo Jong-hyo, a student volunteering.

The foremost aim of the project is the promotion of local, fresh food. Henrys Garden thoroughly believes in the buying and consumption of food grown nearby, in order to reduce transport costs, and deterioration of the product for the customer. As a result of this they are very keen to support local famers, schools, and charities. They now hold a Farmers Market on the first weekend of each month at the site, and regularly donate any extra produce they have to families in need around the city. The project also supports local artists, and craftsmen, by selling their products and designs within the garden shop.

On of the main goals of the project is to provide an allotment area, where people can come and help plant and grow vegetables and fruits. Henrys Garden are keen to make this area available for anyone who is interested in farming, including adults, children, students, and foreigners living in the city. Areas have already been designated for particular plants, including tomatoes, potatoes, and many other vegetables. Though still in the initial stages, plans for establishing the garden are well under way, and they need as many helping hands as possible to make this goal achievable by summer!

Other than the allotment area, Henrys Garden also has a DIY classroom, where people interested in woodwork and tools can learn how to build plant boxes and use gardening tools, among other things. Currently, companies or individuals can order the plant boxes to be made for them, or come to the site and learn how to make them themselves, adding a more personal touch to the product. One future goal of the project is to have this set up in a school-like environment, in which English speakers can teach the DIY projects to students in English. 

Henrys Garden places a lot of value on ecological education, and encourages local university students to come and volunteer at the site. They are currently running a program, where in exchange for manual labor; university students can receive a certificate for participation, which they will then be able use on their resume for future job opportunities.

If you have an interest in gardening, self-sustainability, woodwork, or simply want to enjoy some time in the sun in a garden environment, then Henrys Garden is definitely the place to visit. They welcome visitors at any time, and the project is open 7 days a week, from 9.30am 7pm. To get to the project, take subway line 2 to Manchon Station (Exit 4), and follow the main road around the corner. Henrys Garden will be on your right hand side after a five minute walk.

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