Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Press Article] Craft and Farmer’s Market at Buy The Book Café

No Sunday is complete without a lazy stroll around a market, taking in the abundance of color, freshness and earthy smells of just-farmed fruits and veggies. I used to make it a ritual every Sunday back home to walk along the river and sample every chutney, cheese and pork pie going. This is why I’m particularly excited about the up and coming Craft and Farmer’s market at Buy The Book English Café! 

There will be food specials in the café available for take-out at very reasonable prices so you can grab some cakes, pulled pork Poutine and homemade pink lemonade for a lovely Sunday Brunch whilst you have a gander at the goods. As well as the delicious homemade food, herbs, breads, cookies, cheese, perogies, jams, organic veggies, and fruits on sale (which are already making my mouth water), there will also be paintings, photo prints, knits, jewelry, handmade totes and bags available to buy from the craft stalls. Clothes, flowers and more will also be on offer so if you’re looking for some one-of-a-kind gifts or a great vintage bargain for yourself this is the place you’ll find it!

The Market Day will take place this Sunday (the 26th of May) and will run from 11.00am to 17.00pm. It will be in support of charities and local vendors, including: LINK, KAPS, Daegu’s Time To Give, She-Bears Den and many other independent artists so what are you waiting for? Get your shopping list out and come on down this Sunday!
To find out more please join the event page here :

Directions to Buy The Book:

  • Start at 2.28 park (head left from Jungango exit 2 then head right when you hit the park) 
  • Walk past Angel in Us (it'll be on the left) 
  • Keep walking straight through that intersection (the one with Angle in Us on the corner) 
  •  Walk past Holly's Coffee. Keep walking straight 
  •  At the end of that block, there's a Coffee Bean. Keep walking straight 
  •  At the next intersection, you'll see a Starbucks on the second floor 
  •  It will be straight ahead and towards the left. Turn left (don't go straight past the Starbucks) 
  • On the left, you'll see Mr. Pizza. Buy the book is on the 4th floor!


  1. Is this last Sunday, May 26th, or this Sunday, June 1st?

    1. Hello~ It was on May 26th, yes already passed. But don't worry!
      It seems like they open market every last sunday of month.

      Here's a link on June 30th