Monday, May 6, 2013

[Press article] 2013 Daegu Bloggers Welcome Ceremony

Receiving Certificate

The City of Daegu was proud to welcome this years group of selected Korean and Foreign Bloggers at a welcoming ceremony held at City Hall this weekend.

This is the second year of the program and I was fortunate to be selected again along with four other new foreign bloggers. Along with myself were foreign residents from Canada, the UK, and South Africa all living in Daegu. 

Daegu City Hall
Bloggers Welcome Ceremony

Each of the bloggers was presented with a welcoming gift bag with included a North Face waterproof jacket. Attending the event were various media representatives.

Korean Bloggers

Attending Media

Each of the bloggers was presented with a Certificate of Appointment from the Mayor of Daegu before doing individual introductions. My Korean is much better than last year and I was able to do most of my introduction in Korean explaining that I had been a foreign blogger on the program last year and was looking forward to this year too.

Since we started last year we were able to grow their Facebook page from 150 people originally, to 1000 in October 2012, and have just surpassed 2000 members.

Presenters and Media crew
Awarding Certificates

The group which included about twenty Korean bloggers then posed for a group pic both inside and outside City Hall. There were several familiar faces from last years group of bloggers.

After the opening ceremonies the group of Korean and Foreign Bloggers along with City Officials went to a Duck Restaurant just outside of Daegu.  Everyone was treated to a grilled duck lunch before continuing on the bus for our weekend workshop in Tongyeong on the south coast. 

Taking Group Pic

Taking Outdoor Group Pic

Leaving on Tour Bus

Inside the Bus

Arrival at Duck Restaurant

Grilled Duck

The Global Daegu Blogspot can be viewed here
and their Facebook Page 'Colorful Daegu' is here

Here is another article in Korean about the bloggers welcome ceremony

See also last years bloggers welcome ceremony

Enjoying the Meal
Meal Aftermath


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