Tuesday, May 14, 2013

[Press Article] Invitation for 'Temple fare feasting with heart'

  On May 9th, we were lucky enough to make the guest list to the “Invitations for international residents in Daegu” event which was held at the Seobongsa Buddhist Temple. The evening’s theme was Temple fare feasting with heart which was a clear indication of the food we’d consume on the evening, but before we could partake on the feast prepared for us by the Monks, a few proceedings took place.

Seobong Buddhist Temple

Table Decoration with Herbal Tea

  The ceremony was opened by Mr. Sa Hae Chu who was the MC for the evening. He was accompanied by Mr. Kim dong Won who made sure all guests kept abreast with his speech for the evening. Mr. Sa Hae Chu  read a poem from the Buddhist bible, which focus was on how we should view  life from a different perspective, ”Today” rather than yesterday or tomorrow.

  After his poetry reading we were officially given a small welcome and lecture by the head monk on temple food, she thanked Daegu City and volunteers and expressed her wishes for all international guests to return to their respective countries only with good feelings about Korea .She ended her note on wishing our spirits happiness and peace which would also brought about by the feast.

Further we were entertained by the flawless string quartet from the Hyeondae Orchestra. They opened up with the famous traditional Korean song “Arrirang” and followed with two more songs before responding to an encore.

The last act of the evening was the astonishing Indian cultural dance from Professor Mohini  Yatam of Daegu Catholic University, who has now been residing in Daegu for 3 years. She started off with placing a flaming bowl in front of her followed by a bow towards the Buddha statue inside the temple before proceeding to show off that she wasn’t just a medical professor.

Professor  Mohini Yatam doing her Indian Cultural Dance

  I had a chat with one of the guests.

'Svetlana Kazarina' from Russia who is the Russian language and literature professor at the Kyungbook university. She has lived in Daegu for 2 years and appreciates the beautiful structures, country and atmosphere it provides.

She was very pleased with the people, music, ambiance and more especially the food from the evening. Her favorite dish for the night was the Korean tofu pancakes. Explains her plate full of them.

International guests

  Finally, bon appétit!
We were all anticipating the feast and as you might expect we filled up our plates with very authentic food, which indeed filled up both our stomachs and spirits.

The feast

Temple lit up by Lanterns

  Daegu is truly colorful.

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