Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Living] How to use 1345, Immigration Contact Center

How to use 1345
Immigration Contact Center

 1. What is 'Immigration Contact Center'?
Immigration Contact Center is a representative government contact center for foreigners that 
provieds a comprehensve advice and information to settle down in Korea in 18 languages.

2.  Contact number
1345 from every area in Korea

3.  Information
  •  Office hours: Weekday 09:00 ~ 22:00 (after 18:00, only English, Chinese, Korean  available)
  •  Doesnt matter with the type of phone call, you can make a call 1345 in everywhere in Korea
         ※ In case of calling from abroad, 82-1345 (no need area code)
  •  ARS information
         press 1: The location of immigration office, jurisdiction and worikng hour for every office
         press 2: Inquiry for the result of applying visa
         press 3: Register retirement
         press 0: Counselor

4. Range of consultation
  • Foreigner's domestic sojourn
  • Visa for inviting foreigners, etc.
  • Overseas Koreans'(including foreign national) domestic residence
  • Nationality(naturalization etc.) and refugee
  • Certificate issue for certificate of the facts concerning the entry & exit
  • Support for immigrant families
  • E-application for visit reservation, etc.
  • Helping about foreigners' inconvenience in Korea
5. More information and online service

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