Thursday, June 20, 2013

[Living] How to get the food waste basket from dong office

'Volume-rate garbage disposal system' goes into effect since this month. Basically there are two ways of disposing food waste in Daegu. Using food waste basket is one thing, another one is using garbage bag from the super market. Here's a short video about how to get the food waste basket at the dong office :)

 Step 1. 

Go to the dong office of your residence: You need to visit dong office located in your official address.
 Step 2. 

Tell functionary that you want to get the food waste basket:

음식물 쓰레기통 받으러 왔어요.”
[eum sic mul-sseu rae gi tong-bba du reo-wa sseo yo]
meaning "I came here to get the food waste basket."

 Step 3. 

Write down your name, address and phone number on the distribution list.

 Step 4. 

Check when and where you should put the basket out as the specific date and place are stipulated by Daegu city. The garbage truck comes around two or three times a week.
That’s all! 

 One more tip 

  • The volume-rate garbage disposal system is different in different dongs(towns).
  •  You can get the food waste basket for free only one time when you notify the dong office of the new address.
  • The food waste basket requires certain sticker everytime you put it out.
  • The sticker, basket or garbage bag are sold at the super maket.(except Home Plus or E-Mart)

Stickers for food waste

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