Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[Press article] Daegu Art Museum Current Exhibitions: Choi Jeong-Hwa

Daegu Art Museum is a fantastically grand structure. With panoramic windows, high-reaching spacious galleries and a backdrop of equally impressive mountains, the building itself is worth checking out. 

Since its opening in 2011 it has represented modernity, creativity and innovation in art and has provided a much needed balance to the traditional, conservative values of the city. Eager to promote both international and local artists, the museum is currently displaying the works of contemporary South Korean artist Choi Jung Hwa – a nice chap who creates whimsical, exhilarating works with diverse objects and market finds from around the world.

Specializing in installation art, Choi celebrates uniqueness in display with constructs such as ‘Kabbala’ a 16 meter tall steel frame adorned with plastic woven bowls hovering spectacularly like a castle in the sky within the museum’s lobby.

His works contain messages of hope and transformation; create something new from something old, consumer objects can sometimes be delightful to look at, and the story of pig that was too heavy to fly.

There is also an environmental theme running through the exhibition reminiscent of Choi’s 1000 doors piece in Seoul.

Also on display are the works of Lee Wan, another prominent South Korean found object artist

Other exhibitions currently ongoing include: DNA (Design and Art) which features the work of 11 artists including Kim Young-seok, Park Geun-hye, Shin Mee-kyoung and Lee Kwang-ho showcasing design, sculpture, furniture and more as well as the ‘Body-Being Here’ and ‘Contemplative Colors’ series.

All will run until June 23rd so if you haven’t already visited Daegu Art Museum it’s a good time to go!


A free shuttle bus to the museum is available every 30 minutes from exit 5 of Daegu Grand Park Station, line 2. 
Address: 706-190, Daegu-si Suseong-gu Samdeok-dong 374 
(053) 790-3000
All photos courtesy of Daegu Art Museum

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