Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Tour/Press article] Daegu Food Expo‘s Noodle Tour!!

Sunday the 16th of June was the last day for the Daegu food EXPO held at EXCO. As part of the EXPO free daily tours were organized for the 3 days.

A few friends and I decided to sign up for the Sunday Noodle Tour, which we expected to be a day full of noodles or noodle education.
We met up with the organizers in front of the EXCO building where the bus was already waiting with passengers. At about 12:30 the bus departed for the 4 hr tour. On the bus a few announcements were made, despite the fact that there weren’t too many foreigners on our bus the tour guide still made sure we were kept abreast with the plans of the day.

First she explained what the tour entailed. We got a brief background history on the significance of this type of noodle “Kalguk-su” on Korean culture and its history. 

Our first stop was for  lunch at the market famous for Kalguk-su the Dong kuk.

The much anticipated bowl of Kalguk-su finally came and the noodles have never tasted better. We were also offered drinks and were well on our way to the next destination.

Our next stop was the “Yuksinsa Shrine” in Myogol Village, Dalseong County an original residential village where suncheon Park Clan, descendants of Park Paeng-nyeon, lived together. Park  paeng-nyeon was one of the six loyal royal officers who sacrifised their lives for the former king in the reign of king sejo from the Joseon Dynasty. Until the end of the Korean empire, the village was filled with 300 houses. It had 100 houses before the Korea’s independence, and now only 30 houses remain.

We were led to the culture tour where the history of the Village was explained in detail. The “Yuksinsa Shrine “ was raised to commemorate the spirits of six dead royal officers “ Sayuksin” who had died protecting their former 16 year old King Sejong.

 Within the Myogol village you can expect to see beautiful and well reserved buildings and monuments. The main gate is of the shrine that preserves the tablets of the six late officers. If you have some time, do visit the Village. It was a very illuminating and interesting visit.

After Village visit we went on to the Gangjeong Goryeongbo(weir) Nakdong River, Dalsung in the Seongju County. We were only able to visit the River Culture pavilion which somewhat resembles and egg, UFO or anything else your eye may comprehend.


The pavilion is a monument for the 4 river restoration project, that embodies a fish over water, so they say. I however would beg to differ. 806 dong, Daegu Dalseong dasaeup jukgokri is where you will find this amazing structure.
We went inside the monument and went up to the 1st floor where you could over look the water resovoir. It was a beautiful summer’s day with children playing in the water fountain and families enjoying their outing.

After a day well spent we were transported back to the EXPO and given free tickets to end the exciting day. After seeing all the amazing food designs, I started to wonder whether I had made the best career move. The detail was rather intricate.

A big thank you goes to the Daegu Food EXPO for a trip well planned and all the freebies.