Thursday, June 20, 2013

[Tour/Press article] Flying Extreme Performance in Daegu!

Flying: Extreme Performance is a modern take on traditional gymnastics and martial arts. Embracing traditional Korean culture, and the changes that the country has experienced, the show tells a comical story through the use of extreme gymnastic ability, action, and music.

Now showing at Daegu’s Cultural Center for Students, Flying tells the tale of a Silla goblin, who opens a time portal, and travels to modern day Korea along with two others who are trying to prevent his mischievous antics! Full of humor, and told in a light hearted comical way, Flying is suitable for all the family, and since there is no dialogue, it is not necessary to have a strong understanding of the Korean language to enjoy the performance. Children in particular thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and the actors definitely played up to this! Audience participation is also encouraged through out, and if you are lucky you may even get chosen to fight against the goblin himself! 

The actors within the performance were national team level gymnasts, so the skills they presented were of a professional standard. The performance used their talents in distinct ways, and offered the audience the chance to see a variety of action such as rhythmic supportive gymnastics, apparatus gymnastics, cheerleading, and b-boying. The actors worked together harmoniously, and each move was carried out flawlessly. The performance choreographed the scenes together in such a way that it did not seem strange to mix such a variety of gymnastics together. In fact the use of both a traditional and modern day setting for the two scenes, only made this set up seem more natural.

The use of two time periods that the performance was set in, also allowed them to emphasize the way athletics and gymnastics has changed throughout the years, whilst giving time for each actor to demonstrate their own specific strengths. Though the set to reflect these was very simple, the visual effects used through out the performance were very impressive, and the interaction between the actors and these gelled perfectly, to create a seamless movement between scenes.

Flying is showing in Daegu until June 23rd, and ticket prices are between 30-40,000 won. If you have an interest in martial arts, gymnastics, or simply looking for something interesting to do, Flying is definitely recommended!

To find the Daegu Cultural Center for Students, take Subway line 2 to Yongsan Station. The center is located a short walk away from the subway station. 

  • Address: 704-923 대구광역시 달서구 용산로 181(용산동)
  • Telephone: 053-550-7188

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