Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[Press article] GWANMUN Vintage Market in Daegu

There are so many windy little alleyways and hidden treasures in the markets of Daegu that they make ‘hunting for a bargain’ a literal term. I like the sense of fun and adventure this brings to my shopping, so imagine how excited I was to find a vintage market in my very own neighborhood of Seongdang-dong!

Located right next to Seobu Bus Station, Gwanmun Market is home to a plethora of stalls selling anything from pig’s heads and kitchenware to bedding and baked goods. You have your regular fruit and veg stalls of course along with the regular market clothing shops, but if you take the mystery turn on the left after walking down the main street you’ll find a narnia of second hand clothing, shoes and accessories. 

It’s not quite Brick Lane but there were some interesting bits and bobs/knock off designer wear.

 Check out these Doc Marte…. oh.

After a couple hours wandering I went home pleased with my purchases and not that much of a dent in my pocket. So if like Macklemore you’re a fan of the thrift shop, make sure to check it out!

Happy shopping!! :D

- Directions

  • Take Seongdangmot Exit 3
  • Carry on right past the bus station and you’ll come to the market entrance on your left
  • Walk up the main strip and take a left at the top
  • If coming by bus get off at Seobu Bus Station stop

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