Monday, June 17, 2013

[Restaurant/Press article] Jungangno Grilled Fish Restaurant

Restaurant Exterior

Coming to a maritime country like Korea surrounded by ocean on three sides I was excited I was going to eat a variety of fish cooked different ways. However after arriving I was surprised to learn that fish is hardly eaten except for raw fish and most seafood dishes are a preference for squid, octopus, and shrimp (haemul). After much searching and asking friends I did recently discover a fried fish restaurant at Jungangno easy to reach that serves fresh fried fish at very low prices.

Cooked fish restaurants are hard to find. The only type that I seem to be able to find are raw fish which gives me stomach problems. The other choice is a chain 'Fish and Grill' which is more of a pub style restaurant, only opens evenings, and didnt have much fish choices. Even the buffet restaurant chain 'Sea House' does not serve fish favouring shrimp, squid, and octopus again.

Restaurant Menu

Interior Kitchen

I found the Jungangno restaurant by accident wandering thru side streets downtown. A long time ago a friend told me there was a 'Seng Son Goiy Jib' (grill fish house) downtown but I could never find it. Fried or grilled menu items are referred to as 'goiy' and there are two types of fish on the menu.

The outside of the restaurant has a display board with the menu items and prices. Most are quite affordable about 5000w and its a quiet sidestreet off Jungangno not often used by foreigners.

Table Settings

Sliced Fried Fish

Inside they were surprised to see a foreigner. I chose one of the 'goiy' items not knowing what the difference in the two types of fish were.

Shortly after a freshly fried chunky fish was served along with rice, dwenggang jiggae, and an assortment of side dishes. The meal was quite filling and only cost 5000w ($4.50) for all this food.  

Doenjang Jjigae

Restaurant Interior

Even though fish are plentiful in markets whenever I've asked Korean friends about fish restaurants they told me its only cooked at home. The only other time I had grilled fish was at Busan's Jagalchi market where they charged me overpriced tourist rates. Ulsan also has Whale meat which is very expensive.

So if you're tired of Squid and Octopus now there is a convenient choice in downtown Daegu for fried fish lovers. To get to the restaurant look for the subway exit 1 one block south of Jungangno on the west side. Follow this street down a few doors going in the opposite direction from the TGIF. You will see the restaurant on the right hand side.

Jungangno Exit 1

Street to Restaurant


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