Sunday, June 30, 2013

[2013 Chicken & Beer festival in Daegu] Tang Tang chicken, origin for oven baked with boneless chicken


Only 3 weeks left to 2013 Chicken & Beer Festival in Daegu!! Many people are already drooling for this one and only festival badly so here's a special project that we plans to introduce Daegu based chicken brands and restaurants every week. The second one is 'TANG TANG CHICKEN'.


Since it was established in 2007 in Daegu, TANG TANG CHICKEN has became one of the beloved chicken brands in Korea. It has 80 branch offices in Daegu, more than 300 branches throughout the nation.

While most chicken in Korea is fried chicken, TANG TANG CHICKEN debuted oven baked with boneless chicken, and found that customers loved the change.

Not only TANG TANG CHICKEN was seleted as 'Star company' by Daegu city, also it runs the company with the belief that businesses should contribute to the society where they belong.

TANG TANG CHICKEN has basically 2 types of chicken, oven baked one and fried one. This is the Herb Boneless Chicken, one of the best menu in TANG TANG. There are 3 different special sauces for every menu.

The combination of crispy well-cooked chicken, herb seasoning, sweetness of honey, created a completely new taste. Also it is easy to eat as it doesn't have any bone.

What about having cool beer and chicken tonight? It always can be a best way to spend your late Sunday evening :)

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