Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Tour] Herb Hillz ECO ADVENTURE, be a bold, adventurous explorer!

  • Wake up in the morning with heavy eye lids
  • Sick and tired of daily routine
  • Want to go off somewhere away from your place
  • But you don't know where to go

If you think these are just what you think every day, you need to check out here 'Herb Hillz ECO ADVENTURE' :D  

Herb Hillz ECO ADVENTURE is a fun-filled ecological theme park composed of a variety of out door activities. When you enter Metasequoia road, beautiful herb scent begin tickling your nose and in the Herb garden, the fragrance of various herbs will make you feel refreshed and pleasant.

It is a eco-friendly place that you can experience leports in the forest. Basically you will get 4 kinds of courses for an option which are designed with ladder, wire, rope between tree and tree.

      ※ It can be changed by the weather condition
  • Course program and Price:  
  1. Discount package: 20,000won(HerbHillz Entrance + Eco Adventure 1 course)
  2. Monkey course(for kids): 11 games, 45m, 20 min (11,000won)
  3. Chimpanzee course: 13 games, 207m, 30 min (20,000won)
  4. Gorilla course: 14 games, 264m, 30 min (20,000won)
  5. King Kong course: 15 games, 470m, 40 min (20,000won

You don't have to get scared of all the unfamiliar terminologies such as Baudrier, Mousqueton, Poulie etc. and your uncoordinated body since you will learn everything you need to know from safety education beforehand :)

At the Herb Hillz ECO ADVENTURE, you will definitely refreshed after working out in the clean forest.  Why don't you wake whole muscles in your body up and blow off the stress you got!



City bus: 449, 452 704, Rapid 2, Gachang 2
Tell: 053-767-6300 

To get to Herb Hillz, take the Rapid 2 (the red bus) from downtown. You can get on from Jungangno Mass Transit Street (come up Jungangno Exit near the YMCA). You want to be on the side of the street opposite Lotteria. Get off at the stop before Spaland, it is about 30 minutes from downtown.

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