Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Tour] Mt. Biseul recreation forest, one of the best campsites :)

Mt. Biseul, which can be enjoyed all year round, offers Azalea colors during springtime, the foggy valley in the summer, beautiful foliage and silver grass during the autumn, and the ice hill in the winter. With its highest peak at 1,084m, this mountain provides good trekking courses. It also has nice camping ground for all people.

This summer, more and more people are enjoying the outdoors through camping. It's a trend that has hit Korea fast and hard recently. Many other cities have their own campsites that have beautiful scenery and fun activities. Daegu also has some great camping areas close to the city. Mt. Biseul recreation forest is one of the well-known mountains that has fresh verdure and green loveliness in Daegu.


   Camping information   
  • Period: July~August (2 months)
  • Usage fee: Ground 3,000won/ Deck 10,000won
  • Time: 18:00pm~18:00pm (the next day) 
  • People are advised to arrive on time as spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis 
  • Visiters should bring a tent and camping equipment along
  • People should carry the load in a handcart from the entrance (take 15 min)
  • Campers are urged to take barbage bags
  • Public parking lot: Free
  • Fee parking lot: 3,000won, 5,000won

Epecially Mt. Biseul recreation forest is famous for magnificent view with strange rocks and bizarre stones. Rubble stream has been named natural monuments in Korea. These strange rock formations and cliffs deep in the valley make up a amazing view.

   TEL: 053) 614-5481~2
   How to get there?
Express bus: Daegu Seobu bus terminal↔Hyeonpung(every 30) transfer to Bus 600 or Dalsung 5
Bus: 600, 달성 5번(Dalsung 5) only run on Saturday, Sunday and holiday(every 40-60 min)

(Daegok station-Daewon high school-Hwawon high school-Okpo Nonghyup-Nongong town office- Dalseong industrial park-Hyeonpung-Recreation forest)


  1. Cool.. how far is it from daegu?

    1. It takes about one and a half hours to Hyeonpung :)

    2. If you use express bus from Seobu bus terminal, it takes 30 min to Hyeonpung. And then you need 30 min more from Hyeonpung terminal to Recreation forest, final station. By bus 600 or Dalsung take one and a half hours to get there.