Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Exhibition] Kusama Yayoi: A Dream I Dreamed

There’re great many balls inside a ball and another countless balls inside one of the great many balls..

Because of compulsive disorder, Kusama Yayoi expresses hallucination from inside of her to a space, and she is finally called ‘The queen of dots’

She seems to want us to see what she sees through her works. She spreads dot prints on the every ceiling, wall and floor, and it gives us an illusion of space. We feel like falling into a world make of dots.

Yayoi also creates an endless dot world by using a lot of mirrors and beams. It looks psychological representation of her inner world.

“I just wanted to pull out the white circles looked like millet that endlessly multiplying up the wall from my sketchbook.”

Her fancy art works become her more popular because the works are looked simply kinds of graphic design ones.

This room is for arts participation by visitors. All you do is decorating the room by using colorful dot stickers.

[Kusama Yayoi: A Dream I Dreamed]

○ Period : July 16(Tue) ~ Nov 3(Sun) ※ Closed on Mondays
○ Time : 10:00am~07:00pm ※ Ticketing from 09:30am
○ Venue : Daegu Art Museum,

[Admission Fee]

Organization (more than 20 persons)
Adult (19~64)
5,000 won
4,000 won
Youth (13~18)
3,000 won
2,000 won
Kids (7~12)
2,000 won
1,500 won
Recipients of basic living, Family with more than 3 kids, Volunteers who work over 100 hours, Green card holders
The elderly (60~), Toddler, Men of national merit, The disabled

[Online Reservation]
Online reservation is available for organizational visitors only on the Daegu art museum web site. ☛ (Korean)

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