Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Exhibition] Kusama Yayoi exhibition 'A Dream I Dreamed' in Daegu

Kusama Yayoi who is called one of the greatest artists in the world will open a large scale exhibition at the Daegu Art Museum from July 16th to November 3rd.

<Kusama Yayoi's key words in artworks>

Her drawing in recent years has been added primeval, instinctual images on her pre-existing works.

"I was not trying to be an artist. I just wanted to pull white circles looked like millets that endlessly multiplying up the wall to the sketchbook and see what it is. One day, I tried stitch that on my body, then my soul ,which had come close to be stolen to a ghost, finally lied on the sketchbook, and took a nap for a while."

Yayoi was suffered by regular compulsive disorder, repetition of an extremely tiny gesture. Multiplying and monotony drawing, for example, drawing endless dots or arranging golden commas on the dark background is her peculiarity. She uses compulsive disorder as an unconsciousness method of art, so she faces up to hallucinosis. That's why she is distinguished to other schizophrenias. In other words, she converts madness to creation.

  Dot patterns
While Yayoi had been hallucinated, the dot patterns were appeared on her eyes. Finally, it went to be seemed dot patterns were printed on every stuff that surrounded her.
She looked the sun which symbolizes male's energy and the moon which symbolizes the delivery principle of female.

Copyright ⓒYayoi Kusama, Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo & Singapore
/ Victoria Miro, London / David Zwirner, New York / Yayoi Kusam a Studio Inc.
<Kusama Yayoi: A Dream I Dreamed>

She would like to show us the limitless world and eternal life through the installation products made up of dot prints, mirrors and Z lamps. The interactive works also come under her idea of art.

○ Period : July 16(Tue) ~ Nov 3(Sun) ※ Closed on Mondays
○ Time : 10:00am~07:00pm ※ Ticketing from 09:30am
○ Venue : Daegu Art Museum,

[Admission Fee]

Organization (more than 20 persons)
Adult (19~64)
5,000 won
4,000 won
Youth (13~18)
3,000 won
2,000 won
Kids (7~12)
2,000 won
1,500 won
Recipients of basic living, Family with more than 3 kids, Volunteers who work over 100 hours, Green card holders
The elderly (60~), Toddler, Men of national merit, The disabled

[Online Reservation]

Online reservation is available for organizational visitors only on the Daegu art museum web site. ☛ (Korean)

 ※Photo courtesy @Daegu Art Museum

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