Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Festival] The 10th Daegu Horror Art Festival!!

Don't be so surprised if a gahstly looks ghost might scared you when you are walking around with chicken in one hand, and the beer in the other :D The 10th Daegu Horror Art Festival will be held at the Duryu park from this Friday till Sunday.


Date: July 19th (Fri) ~ 21th (Sun), 2013
Time: 10:00pm
Venue: Duryu Park Concert Garden Area
Admission Fee: Free
Main Program:
Haunted House, Horror Trekking, Horror performance and musical, Ghost Dress-up competition, Magic Show in the 30 different conceptual booths
Inquiry: (053) 628-7462
Official Page: 


    Main Stage Schedule 

Date: July 19th(Fri) 
Time: 19:00pm~
Opening Ceremony, percussion performance, Musical, Horror dress up & make up parade, Horror club party, Horror movie release etc.

Date: July 20th(Sat) 
Time: 21:30pm~ 
B-boy performance, Horror theatricals 'Servants' etc.

Date: July 21th(Sun) 
Time: 21:30pm~
Horror songs by choir, Dance company performance, Horror theatricals 'Cosmetique de I'Ennemi' etc.

    Subsidiary Event 

Haunted house, Horror make up&dress up, Horror tatoo, Tarot Card, Caricature, Horror mask&photo exhibition etc.

As the title name of festival tells you, this festival is created to show art drama and play mainly. But there's no formality or rule for enjoying this festival. So get your costume cloths, Halloween make up whatever, and have a blast!!

    How to get there? 

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