Monday, July 29, 2013

[Festival] Announcement of Recruiting Daegu Colorful Festival Parade Team

 Costume parades are not only magnificent spectacles, they also show distinct features of the festivals. As the way people dress up, sing and dance on the parade, the Looker on get different impressions from each festivals.

[Daegu Colorful Festival Parade]

The Daegu Colorful Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Daegu. Various programs and events are arranged every years, above all the costume parade is always the highlight of the festival.

The parade have been consisted of people participating in the festival. Especially, foreigners are also available to entry in the parade in this year. Anyone can organize performance team of the costume parade, if they submit the application on the online.

[How to participate the parade]

Title : 2013 Colorful Daegu Festival ‘Colorful Parade’
Parade period : 2013. 10. 12(Sat) 18:00 ~ 21:00 (예정) the preliminaries of the Colorful Parade 
                2013. 10. 13(Sun) 18:00 ~ 21:00 (예정) the final of the Colorful Parade
Parade section : Donseongro ~ Jungangro junction ~ Banwoldang Junction
Mission : The green color-the festival's main color of this year- must be included the costume
Music : It will be noticed in the orientation
Entry credentials : Anyone who are able to attend the festival
Category : 1. Adult (clubs, companies, institutes, organizations, multi-cultural organizations, aboard teams..)
                    2. University/College students (colleges, majors, clubs) 
                    3. Teenagers
                    4. Kids 
                    5. Families   
                    6. Boroughs, Districts in Daegu
Benefit : - The participates will be provided entry fee
                 - Awarded teams will be awarded certificates of merits and cash prizes (Winner's prize: 2 millions won)
Direction of the parade
- Free style
- Express yourself creatively by using parade car, costumes and other items

▣ Entry Application
❍ Application period : 2013. 7. 15(Mon) ~ 2013. 8. 30(Fri)
❍ The method of application : Please submit the application on the online.
<Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage:>

Here's the registration for applying the parade program. You need to check 'Yes, I agree' box above this registration.

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