Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[Festival] 2013 Chicken & Beer Festival in Daegu!! :)

Korean drinking culture has many differences when it compares to Western style. Especially, there's a visible difference of the Korean drinking culture. What that is People must drink alcohol with heavy munchies which are salty fatty and sweet (I know you thought Poktanju ;-) It's outstanding way that makes you shocked, though). At least, people set the table with drinks and Kimchi on the table.

Korean people usually match a type of drinks and a snack, make a pair of them. For example, roast pork belly comes to Soju, Pajeon comes to Makgeolli, and Fried chicken comes to beer of course.

Daegu city turns the Chicken & beer culture to the festival in which families and friends sit on the grass together, enjoy the summer night with fried chicken and beer in the park! This unique, unexampled festival would be hold in 18th, July in a blaze of publicity.

[2013 Chicken and Beer Festival]
-Date: 18. 07. 2013~21. 07. 2013
-Place: The ballpark in Duryu Park
-Opening ceremony: 18. 07. 2013, Koron opened concert hall
-Time: 18:00~
-Exhibition: Chicken industry hall
                  Beer exhibiting hall
                  Local food business hall
-Subsidiary event: Cooking chicken competition, Tropical night & Chimac photo exhibition, Chicken & beer tasting booth

*To taste beer, you need identification card. The staffs of the festival check whether you're over 20 years old or not, and then will give a coupon for tasting beer per 2hours. 3 coupons per a person in total.
*Additional fried chicken will be provided as a discounted price. Delivery service will be possible. Additional beer will be sold at booths in the festival.

<How to get to the festival>
Address: Koron opened concert hall, Duryudong 658-1, Dalseogu, Daegu
Underground: Line2, get off the Duryu Park station walk down to Duryu Park
Bus: 653 bus, get off the Duruy Park(Opened concert hall) bus stop

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