Monday, July 22, 2013

[Food] Korean Traditional Summer Food

Korean have been having various summer food to resist hot and humid summer from old times. What are couple of the summer food you come up with? Naeng-myeon, Samgye-tang or Ice flake topped red bean paste? Well, I'm going to go different way today :-)

-Cold noodle with soybean soup

You might have found the kinds of noodle with meat soup, seafood soup or vegetable soup in Korea. However, you rarely found the noodle with soybean soup and it is a kind of unique and special one to Korean as well.

This noodle is also pretty hassle to make. To make the soybean soup, after cooling down the boiled soybean, grind them, and then train the ground soy bean through a sieve. It's a mother bothering dish, isn't it? ;-)

Korean eat this noodle adding ice cubes and some cucumber. You must have it before the summer gone! Don't forget add some salt, too. If not, you won't be able to feel any taste from the noodle. lol.

-Cold Buckwheat noodle

You know what? Korean people have had Buckwheat noodle in hundreds years ago. Most of people know cold buckwheat noodle as 'Soba' in Japanese, though. Usually, Korean have this noodle like Naeng-myeon or have it with Kimchi soup coated a thin ice.
The buckwheat noodle is mixed some vegetable and black bean sauce in this photo. This noodle is not just good for cooling summer heat off(buckwheat is effective for cool off), it's also low calories and well-balanced dish!

-Zeung Pyeon(The rice cake fermented by Makgeoli)

Zeung Pyeon was invented to eat in hot summer time. In old days, people were hard to gain ice or the cool place to store some groceries in summer days. So people figured out how the food didn't go bad. In case of rice cakes, they fermented the rice cakes to keep it fresh as long as possible by Makgeoli, a kind of Korean traditional alcohol.
Zeung Pyeon is also a digestible food because it has a texture like sponge cake, so it's good for impeded digest function caused hot temperature!

Let's enjoy the summer with healthy Korean summer food! :-D

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