Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[Living/Press article] Cheap Seoul KTX Trains

Did you know not all KTX train tickets from Dong-Daegu to Seoul are the same price? Ever wonder why your ticket price keeps changing? For those of you looking to save money and are flexible on times there is a cheaper KTX train you can take

Normally you would pay 40,000w - 44,000w for a one way KTX ticket to Seoul. However, there is a less frequent route that runs thru Ulsan/Gyeongju via Suwon to Seoul. Because this train takes about 45 mins longer than a normal KTX due to its longer route the ticket is priced lower at 33,500w ($30) shaving about 10,000w off the regular price. 

<Seoul KTX Price List>

<KTX Fare>

There are only four trains per day that follow this route and stop at Suwon so look on the Korail site for the Suwon trains to find the train numbers and times. 
If you are only going as far as Suwon it would cost you as low as 30,300w ($28). You can then take the metro from Suwon and be in Seoul later in the day. 
<Suwon Train Line>

<2nd Suwon Train Line>

Another option is to buy an annual membership for 80,000w ($70) which saves 10% for personal members or 30% for business members. However, I don't have one and don't know if this can be pooled between friends. 
Going to Seoul can be an expensive return trip by KTX but there are various options. The cheapest way is still by bus or Mugunghwa train but the slow KTX via Suwon can shave another hour off slow bus/train times while providing the comfort of a KTX train.  

<Korail Site>

<New Bilingual English Ticket Machine>

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