Thursday, August 1, 2013

[Tour/Press article] Bongmu Park

The concrete jungle that is Daegu can get a little lugubrious at times, can't it? Same old bars, restaurants, coffee shops? Sometimes a planned weekend away becomes a blinkered approach in debauchery; sometimes It's just nice to get away from the all-encompassing neon lights and experience some nature. And we have just the place:

Bongmu Park. It's a lovely little place – located not too far from Palgongsan in the north-eastern Daegu – where one can leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and replace it with more serene surroundings. The main feature here is the lake, and it plays host to several activities: duck-themed motor boats; water skiing; banana boats; all quite modestly priced. And if you want to make a hobby out of water skiing you can get individual or season-long lessons (see all information on prices below). In Daegu this is the only place that offers such activities. 'Can you swim?' I hear you ask; unfortunately not. Your esteemed writer and his chums did attempt this dastardly act only for the Fun Police to scream “Out!” with incandescent rage. Don't mistake entertainment for commerce, readers.

If you are not the extreme sports type, you can always just enjoy the scenery during a 7km walk / bike ride around the lake, which, on a sunny day, is great way to expunge any of that pent-up stress.

As you begin your trek around the lake you will ostensibly encounter the fitness apparatus that pervades any nature walk (for Koreans, a 7km walk just isn't enough!). You can also take a little detour to a Butterfly museum. And if all this just sounds like nature gone mad, the more sports-minded of you can play either tennis or volleyball on the outside courts.

This is all sounds great, so how do I get there? Take the 101 or 401 bus and get off at Bongmu Park; from Daegu city centre it is only takes 20 minutes.

This is a perfect place to spend one of those lazy Sunday afternoons. Hop on a bus and get some nature in your life.

Water skiing/Wake bording     Water skiing          1 time(Out/In)      Cash 20,000 won/Credit 22,000 won or 27,000 won                                              Water boarding      1 time(Out/In)     Cash 22,000 won/Credit 25,000 wonRides                                      Fly fishing             1 person             20,000 won                                              Peanut boat          1 person             20,000 won                                              Boat riding            4 people             20,000 won                                              Water cycle           2 people(30 min) 15,000 won                                              Duck boat             4 people(30 min) 20,000 won                                              Banana boat         1 person             15,000 won                                              Viper boat             1 person             20,000 won                                              Motor boat riding   4 people             20,000 won


  1. Where is the Daegu City Centre? Is that by the Banwoldong Subway station? If so, which exit? Also is the Butterfly Museum open on Mondays? Thanks so much!

    1. You need to take the 401 bus at the side of exit 2 or exit 4 if you're standing at Banwoldang station. I added a place, so click the link and check a map :-)

    2. Perfect thanks so much!!! :-)

    3. Can one take the bus from Jungangno Station too? If so, do you know which exit? Many thanks...

    4. Walk down from Exit 2 of Jungangno station to the direction of Banwoldang station. 401 bus stop is 200m from the Jungangno station :-)

  2. Daegu City Center is the building in front of Novotel.