Thursday, July 4, 2013

[Press article] Seobu Bus Terminal Market

As someone who likes to explore Korea on weekends often I have to use Seobu Bus Terminal at the south end of the city. As well as serving many of my destinations there is an adjacent market beside where you can stock up on foods for the journey or buy cheap groceries after your return.

The covered market backs onto the bus terminal and has many access points from outside. Colourful Daegu has already run an article on the 'Vintage Clothing Market' (which I still wasnt able to see on a return trip). What has always interested me are the many food vendors and typical market life.

Ranging from clothing, fresh fish, vegetables, rice cake, and other traditional foods, the market has a cross section of all things typical of normal Korean life. Its worth taking a stroll with your camera as you may encounter many interesting and unusual finds.

The market can be confusing at first with different arms branching in different directions. There may also be the occasional passing scooter.

What interests me are the many food stalls set up in the middle selling cheap snacks you can eat on your long bus journey. Ranging from tempura, bakeries, to fried chicken, there is more than enough to satisfy any diet.

My favourite was a cinnamon fried bread named 'hottack' which seems to have disappeared now. There are still plenty of tempura or odeng fish choices available towards the exit entranceways back onto the street.

Along the outside perimeter streets are many fresh fruit and vegetable vendors. While you may see some incredible bargains it may be an idea to plan ahead for your return.

I've seen fruit at astonishingly low prices. A bucket of fresh grapes for 5000w ($4.50), whole pineapple for 1000w (.90 cents), a bag of a dozen oranges for 3000w ($2.75), or half watermelon for 5000w ($4.50).

These are unseen prices for any supermarket in Korea so it might be worth a special trip just to the bus terminal to get fresh in season fruit for almost free!

The bus terminal is outside Sangdangmot Station on Red Line 1 and can be accessed by many buses.

※ Sungdangmot Station. Subway Line2. Exits 3. Walk for 5 minutes.

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