Friday, July 19, 2013

[Press article/Festival] Daegu’s Chicken and Beer Festival 2013

The 2013 Chimek  (the term is from the combined chicken 치킨 and beer /maekju ) festival is being held in Daegu from July 18-July 21st. This combination meal is Korea’s favorite to the point that a few days have been dedicated to celebrate this set menu with music, fun activities and of course a lot of chicken and beer.

The festival is free for anyone to attend in Duryu Park on line 2 from 6pm daily till late in the evening. Each day has a different itinerary with a lot of fun activities, music and freebies.

I went on the first day and this is what you can expect. A lot of chicken ad beer booths, restaurants that each specialize on a different type of sauce or basting to differentiate their chicken. When it came to us picking a restaurant to eat from the choice became less about the taste the chicken but more about the amount of time it would take to get served.  

Unless you really love chicken I wouldn’t advise anyone going to the festival hungry. The waiting time could be anything from 35mins- 40mins and more if you’re queuing for the free chicken.

All prices have been cut down from what you’d usually pay at the restaurant and beer prices ( Dry finish and the Chinese branded beer Qingdao) retail for as little as 2 000 won. 

You might have to wait for the beer as well. If you’re an impatient person then this place isn’t for you, but if you’re there to enjoy the festivities and try other dishes being sold at the festival then you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s a breakdown of each day’s events for the 4 days. (

It’s a great experience and if you’re lucky, you might get pulled to the stage for a dance off like I was and get rewarded with a chicken voucher should you win.



  1. Hi

    My friend lost her cell Phone Galaxy Note 2 at the festival yesterday. Do you know the number to lost and found? Or the police station info? Or any information that may help us out? Please contact me at

    1. I'm sorry to hear that:'-(
      Well, I tried to find the way your friend's mobile. I asked the administrator of the Duryu Park that it is possible to find the mobile. Unfortunately, there's no mobile he kept.. So, if you're okay, I'm supposed to post about your situation on Daegu Facebook page. I'm going to send a e-mail to you for a detail:-)