Friday, July 12, 2013

[Chicken and beer festival in Daegu 2013] Hosigi Chicken, Doubled flavor, doubled amount and doubled pleasure!!

The Daegu Chi-mac(Fried chicken and beer) Festival 2013 is coming up in July 18th!!

After a week later, you might be going to see a person who is biting chicken on the Duryu park grass in the festival, and that would be me.

This is the 4th introducing chicken brands originated in Daegu, and today's guest is 'Hosigi'! 

Doubled flavor, doubled amount and doubled pleasure!!

Hosigi offers 2 fried chickens for a price of one chicken, and challenges the competition by high-quality products at low price.

What is the recommends of Hosigi?

"The special sauce that no one can't copy!", the fried chicken with soy sauce.
"Hosigi's unique flavor!", the seasoned spicy chicken.

Besides those chickens, there are many kinds of dishes like spicy soy sauce chicken, fried chicken with some salt & pepper :)

Hosigi, the fried chicken brand originated in Daegu goes further to global world!
Why don't you have fried chicken with friends or family for dinner tonight?


  1. So I may order some Hosigi chicken tomorrow, but I've never ordered chicken via phone before. Any tips?

    1. Oh oh a big challenge! :D So you want to order Hosigi Chicken by phone?
      Basically they offer 2 chickens for every menu. There are fried, Yang-nyeom(hot and sweet seasoning), Gan-jang(soy sauce) in Hosigi. You can choose 2 types of chicken among them.
      For example,

      "Fried(it sounds more like Hu-ra-ee-d in Korean), Gan-jang Set Hana Joo Sae Yo."
      -> One fried and ganjang set please.


      This is not really but hope it helps you!