Monday, July 15, 2013

[Restaurant] Poom Rooftop Restaurant with the spectacular city views in Daegu

Recently a friend introduced me to a rooftop restaurant downtown with an amazing combo feature that will bring us back for more. Poom Rooftop Restaurant located just beside Feb 28 park downtown not only provides spectacular city views but has an incredible pricing package with more than enough food to satisfy any hungry diet.

The restaurant is easy to find on the west side street running along the side of Feb 28 park. Go past the Burger King and movie theatre entrance and look for the alleyway next to the Pascucci coffee shop. At the end of the alley is an elevator to bring you to the rooftop restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the top two floors of the 7 storey building. The top floor has an outdoor deck terrace ideal for breezy summer weather, complete with a rooftop water garden.

The indoor seating has a glass panorama facing eastward overlooking the Feb 28 park. Its an amazing city landscape and can provide some stunning views if you go early evening to watch the lights come on.

Meal items ranged from a choice of pasta, rice, steak, and other fusion items. They were quite reasonably priced ranging from 10,000w - 12,000w ($9.50-$11). For starters we were presented with complimentary breads, salad, and soup depending on your main dish choice.

A scrumptious sidedish was also an assortment of soggy UK style chips (french fries). They were a mixture of traditional long potato cuts or thinly sliced potato crisp style. In either case they were deliciously soggy and lightly coated in salt to provide a reminiscent flavour of UK 'chips'. 

For the main dish my friend had chosen a fish cutlet with king shrimp. Mine was a Japanese style dish with a bed of rice and seafood coated with a cheese topping. The meal with quite filling with the starters and side dishes but more was yet to come. 

We were then given a complimentary dessert menu with items ranging from tea, coffees, ice cream, and parfaits. These items are included in the main dish and do not cost extra. There was also complimentary cake included with our menu choices.

After all this food our bill was a surprisingly 10,000w & 12,000w respectively. It was also nice watching the lights come on over the city as the sun went down. 

The restaurant also has a lower floor with more interior seating. If you can get there early its best to chose the window seating on either floor. 

Interestingly they also had a large coffee grinding machine and barrels of coffee beans to have your choice freshly ground onsite. 

The restaurant address is

Daegu, Jung-Gu, Donseongro 2 Ga, 70-2
7F, oksang

We expect to be going back quite a few times now!


  1. Hmm, will have to keep this place in mind when I head there on the weekend.