Monday, August 26, 2013

[Festival] 2013 Daegu International Body Painting Festival

The most splendid event in the planet, body painting!
"Colorful Daegu" will be full of amazing colors!

A fantastic event of world's best body painting artists. Congratulatory performances by top singers and a spectacular fireworks show. Diverse performances-music, dance and magic tricks-performed each day. Free face painting and nail art services will be offered at the booth.

[2013 DIBF Awards]
The competition is open to all artist from all around the world.
Artists have the opportunity to show their own specialties in the different categories. Bodies are painted with many different materials and techniques, and sometimes combined with the most fantastic costumes and show effects.

The awards is categorized as body painting, fantasy make-up and photogenic model. After running the contest 31st, August, the awards will be hold 1st, September.

[Festival Information]
2013 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival
Period: 31st, August(Sat.) ~ 1st, September(Sun.)
Venue: Koron Field concert Hall in Duryu Park

[Program Schedule]

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 The copy of all the photos are reserved at DIBF


  1. These kind ofBody paint festivals are welcoming one.It is used to improve the creativity of the people.It paintings was awesome.

  2. Do you know what time on Saturday the festival starts?

    1. It'll start at 11:00 and finish at 21:30.

  3. good Body paintings.Liquid Latex is better than the normal paints...

  4. These kind of body painting festivals are really awesome.It improves the creativity and innovative thinking of the peoples.

    1. And also lots of people love this kind of festival ;-)

  5. These kid of liquid latex body painting festival used to create a innovative thinking form the peoples.