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[Food] The food that represents Daegu

Daegu JJimgalbi : spicy steamed ribs

Since 1970, this has been a dish unique to Daegu with ribs cooked in a worn out aluminum pot along with spicy powdered pepper and chopped garlic. This dish is completely different from the steamed short ribs seasoned with soy sauce that is served in other areas. Its special feature is the tongue-tingling, burning taste it offers when enjoyed with Soju (hard Korean alcohol) or rice mixed with leftover spices. Unlike steamed ribs from the Seoul and Gyeonggido areas, its spicy-sweet taste that can set your tongue ablaze is unparalleled. It first appeared on a residential street in Dongin-dong, Jung-gu in the early 70s', which has blossomed into a village of local food establishments.

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Nakyeong Steamed Galbi           053-423-3330          297-1, Dongin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
     Dongin-dong SteamedGalbi Street-Dongin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
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Daegu Ttarogukbap : rice served with a separate bowl of spicy beef soup

For over fifty years, Daegu was the only area with the habit of eating rice and soup separately as other regions have customarily mixed rice in the soup. ‘Ttaro’ means ‘separate’, and ‘Gukbap’ means ‘soup and rice’ in Korean, so that ‘Ttarogukbap’ as a compound word means ’rice and soup served separately’. This dish has an unrivaled after-taste that seems spicy as well as refreshing with leek and radish cooked in a soup of beef shank, and plenty of powdered red pepper and chopped garlic. It is the epitome of the unique ‘spicy and burning' taste found only in Daegu. In particular, during the Korean War, it was immensely popular among refugees from all over the nation. Ttarogukbap is unique in that it is a mix between Gomguk (thick beef bone soup) and Yukgaejang (spicy soup of chopped beef with various condiments).

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Gukil Ttarogukbap          053-253-7623      7-1 Jeon-dong Jung-gu Daegu
  Gyodong Ttarogukbap    053-254-892327-1 Jeon-dong Jung-gu Daegu
Smile Smile053-424-774514-23 Gongpyeong-dong Jung-gu Daegu
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Spicy “Dukbokki” : flour dough in chili sauce

Dukbokki of Daegu is very different from ordinary Dukbokki of Korea. Apart from flour dough and bits of cabbage, it is totally covered with spicy sauce. Mrs Ok Hyeon Yoon started selling this special kind of Dukbokki in 1976 at Shinchon market place and it was nicknamed the “Dukbokki drug” as the great taste became renowned for its addict. Spices such as chili powder, curry and pepper not only stimulate your palate, but can make you even dizzy in the head and stomach. It is different also in terms of the fact that it does not contain anything other than pure sauce or very red soup (not even a piece of spring onion) with just flour dough amid this “sea of sauce”. It is a delicatessen that is also consisted of fried dumplings that contain glass noodles and fried fish cake which you dip in the sauce to eat. Daegu Dukbokki had been very popular among the people of Daegu who love extremely spicy food, and as it was introduced through media many times that Dukbokki, through its spiciness is a great healthy food that can help in dieting efforts, its popularity spread throughout the country. Subsequently, there had been many types of spicy Dukbokki that appeared in Daegu, such as Emperor Dukbokki, Shinchon Grandma’s Dukbokki, Shin Rice Cake, Shinchon Emperor Dukbokki and etc and they have become all very popular in other cities.

Somakchang gui : grilled beef tripe

Originating in the early 70s' around the Daegu area, Somakchang, which goes best as a Soju side dish rather than a side dish for rice, is made from tripe, or cow’s 4th stomach, grilled on a briquette or over charcoal and garnished with garlic and green onion, with a specially made soybean paste sauce. It is low in fat, high in protein, and is especially good for the growth of children, as it is higher in calcium than beef. Uniquely, Daegu has seen a surge in the culture of eating beef tripe, and it is quickly spreading throughout the nation. Nowadays, people also enjoy eating grilled pork tripe as well. Looking back at the history of grilled tripe or ‘Makchang’ in Korean, Hwanggeum Makchang originated around the site of the old Mido Theater, which moved to the street opposite of the Apsan Tourist Hotel, and its boom resounded with Seoul Makchang and Sangdong Makchang. Immediately following the IMF financial crisis, these restaurants began to thrive in earnest along with Dusan-dong Arizona Makchang.

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Dongbong Shutbulgui     053-751-3668        901-8 Beomeo 1(il)-dong Suseong-gu Daegu
  Arizona Mak-chang        053-782-9323    744-18, Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
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