Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[Tour/Press article] Biking Geumhogang & Dongchon Resort

Before the onslaught of this summers brutal humidity and monsoon rains I was able to get in some biking along the Geumhogang River. The river trail provides a quick and easy tranquil escape from the city and some breathtaking scenery. Dongchon Resort at the east end of the river is also a popular weekend spot for families, couples, and friends, with many leisure activities ideal for a lazy afternoon.

Dongchon Resort is across from Dongchon Metro Station on Line 1 and close to DongDaegu KTX Station. The first distinct feature visible on your approach are the many duck shaped rental boats paddling in all directions in the river.

The west bank of the river where the park lies has taken on its own character with outdoor musicians and families picnicing in the shade.

There is also a large duck shaped passenger boat that will make regular tours into the river and an ideal setting for young families or couples on a romantic date

Around the park many restaurants and outdoor food vendors have an ideal location catering to the many weekend visitors lazily passing their time. Some have outdoor seating and riverview terraces to enjoy the breeze

It reminded me of The Beaches area in Toronto or a seafront promenade. You can spend the time lazing in the shade, having a slow meal with friends, or having your portrait drawn

Previously there was a wobbly Indiana Jones style footbridge you could walk across for 1000w. This has been closed down and replaced by a brand new architecturally stunning pedestrian footbridge. It has a curling on ramp for cyclists and childrens bugggies. 

At the base an impromptu citizens plaza has emerged. Live singers will perform bouncy tunes while a mostly older crowd enjoys the show.

Heading back along the Geumhogang it was interesting seeing locals enjoying their day out or hiding under the shade of bridge overpasses. The landscape was equally breathtaking.

Its a shame the heat has become too intense to enjoy more biking. The Geumhogang trail has many scenic spots along its length. It is an ideal recreational and fitness activity to enjoy more of what the city has to offer.

<The way to get to the Dongchon resort>

Address: Hyomok Dong 234-15, Dong Gu, Daegu
Underground: Get off at the Dongchon Station or the Ayanggyo station (Line 1)

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