Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Restaurant/Press article] Affordable Sushi restaurant, Sushi Last

Whenever we see people eating sushi, be it on television or in photographs, we always vicariously imagine ourselves being those people, don't we? Imagining the texture, the taste – the thought alone is enough to make one actively think of something else to avoid immediate salivation. Located downtown – just down the street from Star Kebab – a diminutive, dizzyingly good sushi place awaits.

The space inside is small; only a few tables and high stools seat the customers – so be prepared for a 15-minute or so wait. But the wait is well worth it. Served on foot-long wooden blocks, the sushi doesn't require your drooling approval. Merely your acquiescence.

On the blocks the sushi is lined-up diagonally with a smidgen – a very hot smidgen – of wasabi sauce, and next to the block, a small bowl of soy. No frills. You have a choice of several different 'sets' on the menu, which you have to choose if you want to eat inside. This style differs from other sushi restaurants in Daegu which tend to offer an all-you-can-eat-styled buffet, which, at least from my experience, leads to binge eating and a protein overdose.

Sushi Last offers some extremely modest pricing: 7,5000 won (10-piece set); 9,000 won (12-piece set); 11,000 won (14-piece set).  All contain the usual sushi offerings of tomago (egg wrapped in seaweed), salmon, halibut and shrimp. It basically works out at about a 1000 won per slice. You also get a free bowl of udon noodles – and there is a choice of salads if you are willing to part with more of your cash.

Sushi chefs are definitely the artists of the food world. Like an architect whose accretion of small gestures and nuances are not fully realised until the final brick, it's not until the sushi is served that it is seen in all its glory.

Simple, unpretentious and delicious – this is sushi that fizzles with taste at a reasonable price. This is a great sushi restaurant and a shrine to Japanese cuisine that won't break the bank. Affordable sushi – at last.

Sushi Last
59-4 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu (053-425-1300)

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