Friday, August 2, 2013

[Restaurant] Fruu, the cafe where serves organic food

Though concerning about food is causing people look for organic food at groceries market, it’s still not easy to eat fresh and reliable dishes when we eat out. As organic dining is getting popular in Korea as well, a few of cafes, restaurants and bakeries open in Daegu where serve dishes or drinks made of organic ingredients.

 The one of the cafés, Fruu also use organic vegetables, flour, sugar and coffee. They obtained the certifications as using fair trade products and organic food.

The salad and coffee are a little bit expensive. I guess it’s because they use organic ingredients much in those dishes. Other dishes like spaghetti or pizza are pretty reasonable.

All drinks, contained coffee will be offered as 50% discounted price if you order the spaghetti on the menu. 

 Overall dishes are good especially the organic greens salad is awesome. It’s fresh and crispy.

[How to get to Fruu]

Get off Suseong-gu Office of undergrond(Line2), walk to the KBS hall.

Address: 238-36 Beomeo 4(sa)-dong (28 Dalgubeol-daero 492-gil)
Open/Close: 11:00 ~ 00:00

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