Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Restaurant] The District of Gopchang Specializing Restaurnats in Anjirang Alley

When the darkness falls, the owners open their shops in a hurry. As people crowd around the Anjirang by ones and twos, their night finally comes with smell of delicate flavour.

The restaurants do not open until it gets dark. As people crowd around the Anjirang by twos and threes, the neighbors are filled with the smell of roasting meat.

Anjirang alley, the district of Gopchang specializing restaurants, is always crowded with the young who are low in their pockets. Since most of the restaurants there look alike, you might be confused which one is which.

Gopchang is broiled beef/pork intestines marinated with spicy seasoning. It look unfamiliar and weird at first, but you'll love it soon after just a few times of trying. People say it more addictive than Samgyeopsal!

One bowl of Gopchang(It's served in a bowl) is enough for two. This food is superb with Soju ;-)

The alley is homespun filling with joyful laughter of the people. The place seems like where people are allowed to go on a binge.

<How to get to Anjirang alley>
Underground: Get off at Anjirang station(Line 1)
Bus: Get 106 , 410 , 518 , 564 , 604 , 649 , 651 or 805 buses, get off at Anjirang junction bus stop


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