Monday, August 12, 2013

[Information] The Daegu the underground station tour program: Stamp Rally

It has been started that the 5th Daegu the underground station tour program, Stamp Rally! Though recorded a low participation rate at the first year, the program became an annual event during every summer vacation.

The event was supposed only for teenagers until last year, but it is now for the college students as well.

-The Schedule of 2013 Stamp Rally

Distributes the stamp rally maps
Receives staffs stamps
Collects the completed stamp maps
Use free public transportation vouchers worth of 5,000won
* The stamp rally runs only at designated stations(16 stations)
* The completed stamp maps are accepted only at Banwoldang station

-The designated underground stations of the Stamp Rally Tour program
Line 1: Daegok, wolchon, Seongdangmot, Hyeonchungro, Jungangro, Chincheon, Dongchon, Ansim
Line 2: Daesil, Gyemyeongdae univ, Duryu, Seomun Market, Banwoldang, Beomeo, Manchon, Seoul Grand Park

You can get stamp seals at every information center of the designated stations. Most of information centers are located next to each entrance gates.
If you can't fine someone at the information centers, just press a call bell. A staff will appear to help you like the Genie the Magic!
Each stamps are different as occasion the underground stations, and it gets the collecting stamps seals more interesting :-)
As each stamp is issued differently in colors and shapes, it would be interesting to collect them all!

*All the copyright of photos by YUNUDA, the supporter of Dachaeum blog

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