Friday, August 9, 2013

[Tour] The Daegu's Insadong Street; Bongsan Art Cultural Street

Bongsan art cultural street, usually compared to Insadong in Seoul, is famous for clustered galleries, antique stores, and craft and gift shops.

The Bongsan Cultural Center there holds a variety of performances and art exhibitions. Especially, the Center is hosting a summer art exhibition collaborating with the small-scaled art galleries around. It will be held until 11th of August. It's a good chance to see various art of works from art exhibitions to musical performances.

Especially, the summer art exhibition which is the small art galleries has collaborated with the Bongsan Cultural Center is running. It will be held until 11st, August. It's a chance to see various art works, so in a hurry if you want to see the art exhibition.

The small art galleries display and sell art pieces, as well as antiques. All the galleries are not in the welcoming atmosphere to visitors though, don't be shy. Smile to the owners of the art galleries and say hello. You might have a chance to be offered a guide about the art works unexpectedly.

[How to get to the Bongsan Art Cultural Street]

Underground: Get off the Banwoldang Station(Line 1/Line 2), and come out through the gate 3 or the gate 9

Bus: Take 990 , 991, 305 , 730 , 805 or Dong Gu 1-1 buses, and get off at Bongsan Art Cultural Center bus stop

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