Monday, September 30, 2013

[Entertainment/Press Article] The Inter-Burgo Hotel Daegu Casino

How does an entire night of free food and alcohol sound? A night of glitz (kind of) and entertainment is available to you – you just need some cash handy. This is the Inter-burgo Casino.

Located in Manchon, one subway stop down from Suseong-gu, the Casino itself is part of the Inter-burgo Hotel. The room is spacious and decorated with some seventies-style carpeting.  The floor itself offers the usual gambling apparatus: blackjack, poker, roulette and slot machines. As long as your gambling, the food and drink will keep coming; a clever ploy designed to get you into a tipsy stupor of overconfidence. But to a large extent, you are paying for the environment and the atmosphere – there isn't really anything else like it in Daegu. On arrival, make sure you have your ARC card with you, as you will need this to enter the casino.

As for the clientele, gambling is strictly for foreigners  Korea  – like a Vietnam, Nepal, and, to a certain extent, Singapore – has a strict foreigner-only access policy. Kim Jin-Gon, the Culture Minister, told ABS-CBN news in January that "[his] feeling is that Korea does not have a mature culture that could enjoy gambling simply as a leisure activity. We block Koreans from casinos because the fallout would be too big." So you won't be seeing any Koreans in the casino with you; just your fellow waygooks.

There have been some comments on Indaegu recently warning poker players to be a little careful. Sunho Lee said, “Poker players beware...the Daegu Casino Poker Room has repeatedly been observed taking huge rakes from pots, over the course of it's existence by many players. They claim a max of 15,000 a pot (big, but not unusual really) but in fact have been noted to take 40-50,000 for a good-sized pot and even up to 90,000won from a single large pot.” While this can't be confirmed, the world of gambling is, of course, a money-making business, so just keep your eyes open.

For the pusillanimous gambler, this is your chance to go all-out and flash those big chonuns; just make sure you go – or don't! – after a recent payday.


  1. They should feed the dealer more than the customers for God's sake!

  2. The poker room definitely takes more than 10% rake up to how much ever they can take and if you make a compaints they will simply kick you out!!

    1. this is absolutely true..if you watch carefully you can see it.

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