Friday, September 6, 2013

[Exhibition] 2013 Daegu Fashion Fair

It is an international fashion specialty exhibition collecting everything of Asia textile fashion in one place which is leading the global market of fabric production, design, distribution, and marketing. In the fashion show collections of Daegu Fashion Fair, which is the ground of international fashion festival that shows ‘edge’ fashion of the next year, all the major brands are showing up the latest trend and it provides an opportunity to view the works of famous domestic and overseas designers. 
With the purchase consultation operated for expanding the business opportunity between fashion designers and foreign buyers, it becomes a substantial business ground to lift up the domestic brand image and to accelerate the export by constructing the partnership with distribution business persons home and abroad. 

[2013 Daegu Fashion Fair]

○ Dates: 2013.9.5(Thu) ~ 9.7(Sat) 

○ Venue: EXCO 

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