Monday, September 2, 2013

[Festival] The review of 2013 Daegu International Body Painting Festival

2013 International Body Painting Festival which took placed in Duryu Koron Outdoor Concert Hall 31st of August to 1st of September was considered the most perfectly matched with Daegu, where is the colorful city. Many foreigners are interested in this fantastic festival.
To remind the fabulous body painting art works, let's look see a photo review about the highly acclaimed body painting competition of this year!

[Photo by seriesmethod, the supporter of Daegu blog]


  1. This type Body paint is difficult and it need dedication from the artist. good work by artist

    1. Yeh,the work seems to need lots of skills for the body painting artist. You know much about them ;-)

  2. These are some very different body paintings .These paintings are innovative.