Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Information] 22nd World Energy Congress (2013 WEC in Daegu)

The 22nd World Energy Congress will be held at the EXCO (Exhibition and Convention Center) in Daegu, Korea from October 13(Sunday) to October 17(Thursday), 2013.

This Congress will mark as the world’s largest and most prestigious energy event offering the best insights into the global energy sector and an access to the leading global energy markets to delegates, sponsors and exhibitors. Hosted by the World Energy Council (WEC) and the WEC Korean Member Committee, the event is being organized by the WEC Daegu 2013 Organizing Committee.

Under the theme of “Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today,” the 22nd World Energy Congress will welcome 5,000 government and business leaders and other delegates from more than 140 countries. The exhibition space of 22,000㎡ will be provided for up to 25,000 participants to learn about the latest products, to get opportunities in the energy sector and to serve as a platform to conduct business.

In addition, the 22nd World Energy Congress will provide delegates with a high-level exclusive and informative program featuring the addresses by government ministers and chief executives along with experts from around the world.

• Overview of WEC Daegu 2013
-22nd World Energy Congress 2013, Daegu, Korea
-Abbreviation : WEC Daegu 2013
Sunday, October 13 - Thursday, October 17, 2013.
EXCO, Daegu, Korea
Securing Tomorrow's Energy Today
-Congress: 5,000 participants from 140 countries
-Exhibition: 22,000㎡/25,000participants
World Energy Council, WEC Korean Member Committee
WEC Daegu 2013 Organizing Committee
Major events
-Executive Assembly
-Fire-Starter, Plenary, Energy Leaders' Insights, Spotlight Sessions, Future Energy Leaders Program, Special Address, Community Roundtable, Ministerial Dialogue, and etc.
-Opening and Closing Ceremony, Welcome Reception, Farewell Reception
-Technical Visits and Companions' Program
-Other events (hosted by international or related organizations)

• General Information for Visitors
Admission Policy - Free entrance for those with invitations
                         - Free entrance for those registered online
                         - Exhibits will be open to the general public during public visiting days(October 16 - 17, 2013)
                         - On-site registration admission fee is USD 20/ 20,000 KRW
Online Registration - By September 30, 2013 (Online pre-registration link:

• How to register
Free Entrance
On-line Pre-Registration
On-line registration → Receive confirmation e-mail → Receive visitor pass in front of the registration desk
Invitation Holders
Fill out the registration form → Submit 'Invitation Letter' and the registration form to the registration desk → Receive visitor pass
Paid Entrance
On-site registration
Fill out the registration form → Pay for one-day ticket(USD20/20,000 KRW) to the registration desk → Receive visitor pass

* During the business day(October 14 - 15, 2013), Identification Card needs to be shown and business card needs to be turned-in as well when receiving the entrance pass.
* An exhibition pass is valid only for exhibitions, NOT for congress. If you wish to participate in the congress, you MUST register separately.

‣The official site of 22nd World Energy Congress:

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