Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Information] The Art Metro in Daegu - 2013 Colorful Daegu Festival

In commemoration of Colorful Daegu Festival in this year, Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation will drive 'The Art Metro' from September 25 to October 20. They cooperated with Daegu Foundation of Art and Culture, and decorated inside of carriages by 5 artists' art work. The Art Metro will be driven in 16~ 18 times each day.

The first carriage was decorated with the artist Min Su Kim's modernized folk paintings which have meaning of wealth and honor. The second carriage was decorated with combined simple patterns and colors figures that look like its sheer dropping. The artist who has done those works is In Hee Jeong.

The artist Yeong Hwan Kim arranged a few kinds of dance-step-marks on the third carriage floor. He induced participating of people to dance following the marks. The artist Jong Gyu Park decorated the carriage with his abstract paintings by using bar codes, dots and QR codes. the last carriage of the Art Metro was decorated the artist Jae Ho Lee's artworks. It looks like the inside of a monster's stomach.

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