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[Tour] Daegu Medical Tour

Daegu has a top-level medical infrastructure that, consists of over 18,000 medical personnel and includes approximately 6,000 medical doctors in 6 university hospitals, 29 general hospitals and 30 oriental medical centers.
Daegu is highly competitive in the fields of specialized medical examination and treatment per hospital (within the top 10 in Korea). It is a city that conducts over 600 cardiac surgeries and 10,000 cancer operations in a year by university hospitals (Kyunpoook National Univ. Hospital, Yeungnam Univ. Medical Center, Keimyung Univ. Dongsan Medical Center and Daegu Catholic Univ. Hospital)
● Low medical charge
▶ Medical checkup (KRW 350,000 ~ 400,000 in Daegu, KRW 500,000 ~ 1,000,000 in Seoul), cosmetic surgey (cheaper by approximately KRW 1,000,000 ~ 2,000,000 than in Seoul)
▶ Various surgical and examination costs are cheaper by a : approximately 1/9 of the US, 1/4 of Japan and 1/2 of Singapore

 General Checkup
 Equipped with the best staff and the latest equipment, 4 university hospitals have formed to provide a ‘one-stop’ service to meet all the needs of tourists. After the examination, a translated copy of the results are made available within 24 hours.
 We are doing our best to provide superior service throughout the entire checkup process by employing medical staff that speak various foreign languages and make sure each of these interpreters are distributed throughout every examination department. Even though the level of medical services is comparable with any other any other large-sized hospital in the world, the cost is still lower by approximately 30%.

● Hair Transplant
▶ Hair transplants are mostly carried out in the Kyungpook National University Hospital. The technology being used reaches world-class levels and the methods have all been approved and widely used in the industry. Furthermore, the equipment is state-of-the-art and the staff are the best in the business.
▶ Mr. Kim Jung Chul, a professor at Kyungpook University, is well known in this field from his outstanding achievements in the technological development of the hair follicle transplant procedure in 1992. Since then, the technology has been registered in an international scientific journal and a hair follicle transplant textbook, and has also made Dr. Kim become highly regarded among the Asian, Japanese, and South American medical communities.
▶ For foreign countries, the survival rate of just 500 transplanted hairs is approximately 50 ~ 60% while for Dr. Kim’s team the survival rate of 2,400 transplanted hairs has a much higher survival rate of approximately 92%. Therefore, the operation could be performed at a much lower cost when compared to the same procedure in other countries.

● Dentistry
▶ Specialized dental hospitals and dental clinics provide high-quality medical services such as implants, fitting prosthetic appliance, teeth whitening or orthodontic work.
▶ The micro-implant in particular is the most effective orthodontics apparatus that does not require the use of any supplementary devices such as orthodontic headgears or elastic rings. When compared to the existing technologies in use, this technology shortens the treatment period by up to half of the time.
▶ The micro-implant is manufactured to be sold or exported in Daegu, and since it so highly acknowledged internationally by world-acclaimed professors and doctors there are constant requests to visit Daegu for training sessions.

● Plastic Surgery
▶ Around Dongsung Road and the Banwoldang station there are about 40 hospitals located near one another, and it is here that you can find a world-class surgical procedure at a cost that is 20 ~30% lower.
▶ Aside from the Chinese or the Thai, recently more and more residents of Southeast Asia are being impacted by the ‘Korean Wave’ and are coming to Daegu.

● Skin Care
▶ Qualified medical staff will continue to serve tourists at a lower cost when compared to other regions and in a much more agreeable environment.
▶ Not only do we treat chloasmata and wrinkles, but we also provide laser peeling for various kinds of scars. More and more patients from different regions, including the metropolitan areas, are visiting Daegu to have these procedures done.

● Obstetrics and Gynecology
▶ A specialized coordinator trained solely on the reception of foreign patients will be happy to welcome you. Also, you will be provided with doctors and nurses who are able to speak your language and assist you with anything from child birth to childcare through our "One-stop Service" of staff on 24-hour standby.
▶ The patient rooms and the maternity hospital are all immaculately kept and the pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology sections are all fully-equipped.

● Oriental Medicine
▶ Besides aiding with the treatment of incurable diseases, Oriental medicine is a component of any comprehensive health care program.
▶ Oriental medicine has worked effectively on pain management, arthritis, Bell's palsy, terminal cancer that is resistant to chemotherapy, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, chronic fatigue, and stroke rehabilitation. Also, it helps to improve the overall lifestyle of an individual in order to help prevent diseases.
▶ In order to draw on the best practices of both Western and Oriental medicine, medical specialists are combining the two approaches for various treatments and are coming up with some positive results.

◆ Itinerary for the General Health Checkup and Medical Tours(3 Days Package)
Travel agency:EXCO tour
Travel agency phone number:+82 - 53 - 428 - 4002

▲ Detailed information
Day-1DaeguAll-dayArrival→ Dinner → Hotel Check-in → Freetime 
Day-2DaeguAll-dayFashion beauty Tour → Temple included → Lunch → Samul Nori → 
Massage → Dinner → Hotel
Day-3DaeguAll-dayGeneral Health Checkups → Lunch → Dental Clinic
(Dental Whitening) → East Daegu Train Station→ Seoul Train Station 
Other※ Please note that the suggested itinerary above is subject to change due to 
    local conditions.

◆ Medical Tour Itinerary(4 Days Package)
Travel agency:EXCO tour
Travel agency phone number:+82 - 53 - 428 - 4002

▲ Detailed information
Consultation with specialists → General Health Checkups →
Dental Clinic → Lunch → Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant 
specialists→ Dongsungro downtown nigth sightseeing → Hotel 
Day-2AndongAlll-dayDeparture → Andong Folk Village → Andong Dam → 
Andong Folk Museum → Lunch → Hahoe Mask Museum →
Hahoe village → Dinner → Hotel
Day-3YeosuAlll-dayDeparture → Odongdo Island Tour → The 2012 Yeosu World Expo → 
Jinnamgwan Tour → Lunch → Marine & Fishery Science Centre →
Dolsando Island Tour → Dinner → Hotel
Day-4DaeguAlll-dayHotel Breakfast → Airport/Departure
Other※ Please note that the above suggested itinerary is subject to change due to local conditions.

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