Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Tour/Press Article] Guamseowon Cultural Centre & New Concert Hall

 Recently downtown I found a historical building I had no idea existed near Banwoldang where I am always wandering around. Near the end of Herbal Street I started seeing new signs for a historical landmark that were not there previously. As I had never heard or seen of this place I followed the signs.

There is a small alleyway off the street that will lead you thru the narrow paths zig zagging till you reach the location. Look out for the sign markers and don't get lost in the maze of alleys.

 The alleys have historical murals the closer you come in to the centre. When I did make it to the site it had closed for the day. I tried peering over the walls.

 I don't think it was anything too extravagant and more typical of a country home but it can make for an interesting detour to spend some time downtown trying to navigate and find the place thru the maze of alleys.

  The easiest way to find the entrance alley is to start near the old cathedral then look for the signs leading in.

 Also downtown a new concert hall has opened across from Daegu Station. This will revitalize the Daegu Station area and adds a new facility for the city mixing old and new downtown.

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