Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[Culture] Purun Tea-Culture Research Institute

In general, 'tea' or 'tea ceremony' comes up with Chinese tea or Japanese tea ceremony to the Western. Purun tea-culture research institute has been trying to change the stereotype and to popularize Korean traditional tea.

The institute is located in Yeonho-dong, of which name stemmed from a lotus-blooming pond.
Many foreigners have visited the institute to have a tea class, which is popular to foreigners, as a place to experience the healing power of the tea wearing Korean traditional costumes.
The institute has been doing a lot of research on tea trees in Yeonho-dong since 2005 and more kinds of tea trees are growing here than Boseong or Hadong which is famous for tea plantation.

Thanks to the tea plantation, the Purun tea-culture research institute is able to offer more than 20 tea-culture classes to local residents.
What's surprising was the fantastic view of landscape shown through the wind shield glass of the building. A lush garden with a fair view was absolutely beautiful.

When colorfuldaegu visited the institute, a tea ceremony for college students was in class.

푸른차문화연구원(Purun Tea-Culture Research Institite)
-Phone: 053-794-0055
-Address: 129-2 Yeonho-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea ‎

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