Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[Exhibition] A good chance for reacquainting the Bukseong-ro!

Daegu Modern History Museum is holding a special exhibition—Walking Bukseong-ro of 100 years ago—which shows the pictures of shopping districts and streets, and related remains on Bukseong-ro street in those days of Japanese colonialism. The remains exhibited show a mixture of light and shade of the era within the course of modernization here in Korea.
Bukseong-ro had been located in the town castle of Daegu since 1592 in which Japan invaded Korea (called Joseon then). Unfortunately, however, the castle was forced to be removed in 1906 by the Japanese Government General of Korea. Three years since, the street, with the opening of Jongro and Kyeongsang-gamyoung street, was changed to one of the Japanese shopping districts that symbolized colonial exploitation policy of Japan. Accordingly, we can imagine that the area became the place where Koreans harbored resentment toward Japan.

On the exhibition, not only the photos of the street and the related remains of Minakai department store which was built with Japanese funds but also household items used 100 years ago are supposed to be exhibited. The printed advertising materials of those days and the photos of neon-lighted Minakai department store show us that Bukseong-ro used to be one of the busiest districts in Daegu.

<The Exhibition of 'Walking Bukseong-ro of 100 years ago'>
-Date: Oct 15(Tue), 2013 - Feb 28(Fri), 2014
-Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00
-Venue: Daegu Modern History Museum
-Admission Fee: Free

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