Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Festival] Colorful Daegu Festival 2013

The 'Colorful Daegu Festival' comes again as ever! Coloring Jungang-ro and Dongseong-ro, the main down-town streets, the Festival is expected to show the youthfulness and dynamics of Daegu.

Among the various events, the street parade held with different colors and themes can be said to be the highlight of the festival. All the parades scattered over the city are supposed to meet at Dongseong-ro and Jungang-ro making the festival the best one ever. The number of participating groups almost doubled from 44 to 86 and that of the participants is also sharply risen from 650 to 2,500. The big prize money and parade supporting fund(120 millions won in total) seem to contribute to making the scale bigger.

In addition to the parade, the performances of domestic and foreign groups, and the experience events will surely give you big pleasure during the festival. There are several distinctive colored zones which show off the colorful attractions of Daegu: work art at the Blue Zone, gala shows of local art organizations at Pink Zone, open markets of the cultural organizations of university students at Black Zone, colored chalk art on asphalt pavement at White Zone, extreme sport teams' performances as well as the indie bands' performances at Green Zone, and, last but not least, meetings with diverse citizens at Yellow Zone.
The festival will be held this coming Friday to Sunday.

The Video of Colorful Daegu Festival Song

[Colorful Daegu Festival 2013]
Date: Oct. 11(Fri) - Oct. 13(Sun), 2013
Venue: Jungang-ro, Dongseong-ro (near Daegu Dapartment Store)
Festival Theme: I love Color, I love Daegu!
Slogan of the festival: Oh! Yeah~ Parade!
Main Color: Green 

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