Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[Information] The Expanded operation of the bus Palgong 3

―Let's go hiking to Mt. Palgong by bus Palgong 3 on Saturdays!

The bus Palgong 3 has a customized bus route for Mt. Palgong tour that bounds for Gatbawi via Dongmyeong and Donghwasa Temple.
Though this special route used to be operated only on Sundays and holidays, the buses are now supposed to run on Saturdays!!

-Operation Period: Mar 10(Sun), 2013 - Nov 24(Sun), 2013
* The bus runs on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the period.
-Operation Route: Dongmyeong Songrimsa Temple ↔ Deokgol ↔ Pagyesa Temple ↔ Buinsa Temple ↔ Sutaegol ↔ Donghwasa Temple ↔ Baekan Three-way Intersection ↔ Gatbawi
-Operation Time: 06:00 ~ 22:40 (134mins / one-way)
-Allocation Interval: every 40mins

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