Tuesday, October 1, 2013

[Interview] Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau(DCVB) is the organization exclusively for city marketing to promote Daegu as an international convention city. They provides convention-related assistance to potential customers based upon their specific needs.

The Interview about Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau

‣Could you explain the properties of Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau?
Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau(DCVB) is a non-profit organization exclusively for positioning Daegu as an international convention city. Hosting international conferences, conventions, meetings or exhibitions and assisting the superintendents of the events are our main business. We proudly play a role of setting infrastructures and services to grow Daegu as an international convention city. We promote Daegu to organizations overseas as well as to domestic ones.

‣If so, what are the benefits for Daegu when the international conferences are held?
Promoting Daegu creates economic impacts of the community. If one international conference is held in Daegu, thousands of people visit here boosting local accommodation, sight seeing and shopping businesses. Moreover, convention agencies, accommodations, event companies and restaurant businesses share profits by holding an international event. In case of last year, an amount of 1.19 billion won economic impact was created through holding convention events by the DCVB.

‣What do you promote about Daegu abroad especially?
Mostly, we usually promote infrastructures of Daegu, tour programs and supporting service advertising Daegu as a perfect city to hold international events. As you know, Daegu is surrounded with world heritage sites like Goryeong, Gyeongju and Andong, and has convenient transportation system including 7 major highways and air routes connected to Incheon, Seoul, Jeju and some other cities in Asia. Besides, the high speed railway, called KTX, is also available. Further, Daegu offers state-of-the-art convention facilities on the international level including EXCO, Hotel Inter-Burgo and many other halls.

Interviewer: Colorfuldaegu
Interviewee: Kwon Myeonghui(The leader of Brand Strategy Team)

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